BBE Drum Kit

BBE Drum Kit
BBE Drum Kit

BBE drum kit has 5 different folders of nice high-quality drum samples, in the first one, you will find 15 high-quality bass kicks, second some crazy cool snares, third folder you will find some cool hi-hat sounds and samples, fourth you will find some nice vocal voice beatbox sound, last but not least, SF2 file, loads of great soundfonts in the instrument section.

BBE Drum Kit

Extra soundfonts in this drum kit pack are listed below

  1. Instruments Many (6,469KB)
  2. Instruments Many (6,477KB)
  3. Instruments Many (718KB)
  4. Instruments Of The World (440KB)
  5. Instruments Orchestra Combo (5,038KB)
  6. Instruments Orchestra Hit SC88 (348KB)
  7. Instruments Overture (1,107KB)
  8. Instruments Plastics (269KB)
  9. Instruments Psaltry (46KB)
  10. Instruments Roland SH 101 (677KB)
  11. Instruments SPYRO’s Pure Oscillators (1,249KB)
  12. Instruments Super Mario Brothers (100KB)

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