Dusty Analog Drum Machine – Analog Drum Samples & Drum Kit

Dusty Analog Drum Kit
Dusty Analog Drum Kit

Download free dusty analog drum machine, free to download analog drum samples, this pack contains 19 wav samples. A very nice drum kit with clear analog drum samples that can be used for rock type of beats, and live performance style of beat and also classic hip-hop and rap type of beats. (see more drum kits here, some may be used and imported as a drum machine)

What’s inside of this drum kit?

  • 3 Kicks
  • 3 Crashes
  • 3 Closed hats
  • 3 Snares
  • 4 Toms
  • 1 Ride
  • 1 Snare Rimshot

Great drum kit to add to any music producers production library. This drum kit can be used with any DAW which supports the import of wav files.


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