T-Streetz Pyrex Free Trap Drum Kit

Free T-Streetz Pyrex Trap Drum Kit
Free T-Streetz Pyrex Trap Drum Kit

276 High-Quality free trap drum samples, this is a nice free hip hop trap drum kit with huge amounts of trap sounds. also contains FLP extras from Oj Da JuiceMan, ShowOut and Waka Flocka. It also comes with some FST presets, and this kit has perfect Lex 808 Trap Preset.

Contains free 808 Trap scores and also Free Trap channel Presets. The Trap sounds in this drum Kit are fire, must have for any trap hip hop music producer. this trap kit contains;

  • 36 Trap Claps & Snares
  • 19 Trap SFX
  • 15 Trap Kicks
  • 21 Trap Percs
  • 58 Trap Extra Sounds
  • 10 Extra Trap VOX
  • 3 FLP Extras with Trap Sounds
  • Trap Pyrex Presets, Channel Presets, Mixer & Score.

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