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Adam Audio A7X Monitors (Specs, Price & Review)

Adam Audio A7X specs, price, and review. Back in the day, the original Adam A7 used to be all the hype. In 2006, these were the best studio monitors one can get their hands on. With an amazing ribbon tweeter and an even better woofer, the A7 had been a worldwide hit amongst professionals who used studio monitors.

Fortunately for us, Adam Audio thought of modifying their entire line, and with that came tons of new improvements in the features of these studio monitors. Now, giving the A7s a break, we have ourselves the new Adam Audio A7X.

What might look like an ordinary product on the surface to you comes loaded with tons of features that are bound to leave you stunned.


Adam Audio A7X
Adam Audio A7X


  • Carbon/Glass fiber/Rohacell material of the cone
  • 2500 crossover frequency
  • 30kOhm input impedance
  • 2-way active configuration
  • German X-ART ribbon tweeter
  • Improved 7” mid-woofer
  • No power indicator included
  • Max. SPL per pair at 1 m: ≥114 dB
  • 1.5-inch voice coil
  • Amp. Power RMS / Music 50W / 75W
  • Frequency response of 42Hz-50,000Hz
  • Weighs around 20.3lb
  • 5-year warranty (2 years with the monitors, optional 3 years of warranty with registration)


The Adam Audio A7X is available for around $749. A major player in near-field monitoring technology, these monitors are worth the investment.


Adam Audio A7X (review)
By TeraBryte – Adam Audio A7X (review) (watch on youtube)


The A7 has received tons of awards and even more praises from the users. One can only imagine the amount of success a modified version of A7 would be. If you are a musician on the lookout for good studio monitors, then we know that detailing will be a major criterion for you. And do we have some good news for you!

The human ear only is limited to a specific limit of listening frequency, but that didn’t stop Adam Audio when this gem of a studio minor was being designed. This high frequency adds tons to the accuracy and detailing of the sounds. Coming to the transients, all are executed with utmost transparency. Not only that, but imaging is also smooth as ever, making it extremely easy for you to put various sounds around the field.

Coming to a crucial aspect, the mid-range. A good mid-range is hard to find in studio monitors these days, but Adam Audio promises the best and deliver as wells. All the mids are the right amount of revealing with all the accuracy in the world. If you liked the crossover level on the A7, then you will be delighted to know that it has been increased to 2.5 kHz from 22 kHz.

When we say there have been various modifications, we mean it. The size of the voice coil has increased, and the amplifier used has twice the power it used to have back in the A7s. These improvements might seem minor on the surface, but when combined, you can have a true legend in your possession. One thing that we all get extremely bothered by is high distortion. Luckily for us, there is no sign of distortion in the Adam Audio A7X because of the fantastic pressure levels combined with great sounds.

PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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