How to Sell Beats Online

There are manny music producers who wonder how to sell beats online, selling beats online is not the simplest business trying to run from your bedroom! If you are a producer and you don’t think that it’s possible for you to make a living off music, then think twice. The approach of selling beats online has become the new way to transform your studio work into a well-paying career. The process is quite straight forward.
Types of Licenses

The Steps:

Surely, just like any other career, you need to work more on yourself. To this end, work on perfecting your craft, get better, and make more music! In order to get started, you should have your beats and a place to introduce your work to the interested audience.



BeatStars, Airbit, Rocbattle, and Soundgine are developed platforms and marketplaces mainly for beat-selling business, in which the producers are provided with the tools that enable them to reach their audiences. Previously, the process used to be cumbersome but with these modern platforms, signing up for free and in less than 30 minutes, selling your beats has never been easier. All you got to do after uploading your music is creating your licenses, then have your price set and activate a payment method i.e. PayPal. Next, you will be introduced to various subscription plans, and recommended is subscribing to a paid plan so that you get all of your revenue.

How to Sell Beats Online
How to Sell Beats Online


The Pros of Beatstars

In fact, what makes Beatstars stand-out among other platforms is how easy it is for a customer to buy your music. Namely, with few clicks on the track itself, the whole purchase can be accomplished in seconds instead of going to your website and looking for the tracks themselves. Moreover, other features and options play a role in its reputation among producers; for instance, “the Opportunity Feature” which gives you the chance to submit some of your tracks and beats to be added to the platform’s public playlist and even the future possibility for placements.
At any rate, a way to look professional is having your own beat-selling website. It will boost your brand next to your other platforms. Furthermore, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter are actually popular markets for beat-selling and places to build yourself a fanbase.


Types of Licenses :

As for the licenses, they are classified into 2 main categories:  exclusive and non-exclusive. To clarify, the exclusive licenses are sold to only one artist from your store, and you will most likely negotiate with the customer on the price before you sell the exclusive rights. Consequently, the producer will then remove the beat from the website or will mark it as “SOLD”. However, on the other hand, the non-exclusive one may be sold to an unlimited number of artists; any customer can buy the beat instantly as long as it’s available in your store.

Types of Licenses
Types of Licenses



Marketing is critical when it comes to the business of beat-selling. Likewise, having a marketing mindset is an essential factor to succeed in this industry. You’re not going to make money from the very first day. So, in order to have your beats actually heard, you need to get yourself a marketing plan.
First, the process of producing new beats should be constant; time should be well-scheduled. Treat this business as it’s your only source of income, and it will become so in no time. Plus, your products must be promoted on all your social media platforms. Besides, it is advised to create a list of emails of customers and have a consistent relationship with them.
Second, you’re not just a producer, you’re also a business. Therefore, if you want people to treat you like a professional then you need to act like one. Thus, you should be well-aware when making your own brand and coming up with your brand name, in like manner, you don’t want to use corny name for no one will take you seriously.


In the music business, you have to adapt. And again, there is no secret formula or one trick that you can use to automatically start making sales and getting thousands of dollars. Hence, as cliché as it may sound, it’s the hard work that will get you there. With this in mind, change, move forward and let the beats drop!

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