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List Of 10 Websites You Need To Use To Sell Beats Online

These are the 10 websites you definitely need to sell your beats on!

List of 10 Websites You Need to Use to Sell Beats Online
You have your beats ready, and you want to put them out there for the interested audience to purchase. Yet, the question is where to present them. Therefore, we’re providing you with this list of top 10 websites that are a MUST to succeed in your beat selling business. Certainly, you already use some of these websites, but now you’ll see them differently.
1: Your Own Website.

Sell Beats on your own website
Sell Beats on your own website
A well-designed website of yours is essential. This is to say, having a professional website that works as a representative of your character while being easy to deal with and simple is your very first step towards being a pro in this industry.
2: AirBit
AirBit - Top 10 websites to sell your beats online
Certainly, this website, also known as myflashstore, is one of the largest online marketplaces designed especially for music producers to upload, share and sell their beats. Moreover, AirBit is widely used due to its great offered features. For example, some of these features are the automated file delivery, no money cut, the easiness to embed, collect emails and getting new followers or subscribers, etc. (Click here to visit AirBit)
3: Facebook
Promote your beats on facebook
Promote your beats on facebook
Although Facebook is mostly used as social interacting mean, it can also be the perfect place to spread your business. You might ask yourself, how? Well, as easy as it sounds, just make it spread that you make and sell mind-blowing beats! Advertise yourself among your friends and their friends. In addition, Facebook’s most beneficial feature for you will be the ads. Obviously, this platform thrives on ads. Moreover, what’s great about it is your ability to choose your target audience, and the length of the period you want your ads to run. (Click here to create facebook fan page)
4: TrakTrain
Sell beats on TrakTrain
Sell beats on TrakTrain
Certainly, Traktrain is one of the rapidly developing beat store providers out there. Because all the processes of leasing and selling beats are automated and secured, with no commission. And signing up as a beatmaker and starting selling beats is available for free, although with limitations on quality and quantity. In addition, the pre-moderated community of producers stays fresh, attracting new customers. Visit traktrain now


5: Beatstars
Sell beats on beatstars
Sell beats on beatstars
Undoubtedly, Beatstars is known to be one of the fast-growing beats selling platforms designed for music producers to easily sell their beats. visit here
6: Soundclick
soundclick top websites for selling beats
soundclick top websites for selling beats
Although it’s known as social media, more than 3 million music lovers and producers support that it remains one of the top digital places where marketers and fans can engage together. Furthermore, you can easily sell your music as a producer through it. (visit soundclick)
7: BeatBrokers
beatbrokerz top beat selling websites
beatbrokerz top beat selling websites
Alternatively, selling your beats online on this website is just as easy. 2,500 active members upload, share and sell their music every day. If you’re a rap or hip-hop artist, then this is the perfect premier marketplace from which high-quality beats are marketed, sold and promoted. (click to visit beatbrokerz)
8: SoundCloud
soundcloud top website for selling beats
soundcloud top website for selling beats
Certainly, SoundCloud has the reputation of being a great audio player. Since this website got millions of users then why not using it to promote your music? If you post your beats to SoundCloud, you will not only have the chance of selling them, but you will also get to contact and create networks with enthusiastic artists and consequently guide them to your own beat selling website. (click to visit soundcloud)
9: Twitter
twitter - top 10 websites for selling beats online
twitter – top 10 websites for selling beats online
Surely, this can be a bit shocking. Many people don’t see Twitter as a website to sell their beats in. However, many producers regularly use it to promote and market their beats. Just tweet about your business and you can post a video to further explain. (click to visit twitter)
10: YouTube
youtube - top 10 websites to use for selling beats
youtube – top 10 websites to use for selling beats
Likewise, if you want to get noticed via marketing and promotion, then YouTube is your ideal tool. Billions of people use YouTube. Thus, consider the idea of yourself making some beats or even just talking about them. If you want to put your name out there, you need to focus on the quality of your videos as well as the names and descriptions. (click to visit youtube)

PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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