What’s The Best FL Studio Version? For Music Production

FL Studio 20, is this the best FL studio version?

What’s The Best FL Studio Version?
What’s The Best FL Studio Version?

When it comes to making beats and choosing the right version of fl studio, you must never ever think of going backward, always aim for the highest possible FL Studio version available. Most music producers seem to make the mistake of sticking to the same version of FL studio for years, and after a few years of using it becomes outdated. This is a common mistake and many music producers seem to make it allot, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to upgrading your fl studio to the latest version, all fl studio project files are compatible to run on all versions, you won’t lose your VST plugins they can all be transferred over. Watch the video below for more info on whats the best FL studio version.


Watch Video Below on FL Studio “Best Version”

You can watch the full FL Studio 20 beginners course here

Why do music producers use older versions of FL Studio?

As we covered in our video above, it’s mainly because when a music producer becomes familiar with a certain software they are afraid to move to a new version, risking losing their project files, or just simply because they can’t be bothered to upgrade.

This is a huge mistake, everyone who has older versions of fl studio should upgrade to the latest version at all times, to keep up with the new plugins, upgraded internal core fl studio plugins, new features, better sound quality, there is allot to be missed out if your fail to use or upgrade to the latest version of fl studio.