NEO Finisher Effect VST Plugin

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Modern Music Producer Free 80s Linn Drum Samples

Did anyone say Linn Drum Samples? YES! This is the drum kit everyone needs to get!The drum kit is inspired by madonna, billy idol.If...

Latest FL Studio Project Files

Rick-Ross Drake Type Hip-Hop FL Studio Remake Project (FLP)

Free to download Rick-Ross and Drake-type Hip-Hop FL Studio remake project file. Defenilty a great free hip-hop flp file to add to your educational...

Drake FLP “Started From The Bottom” FLP Remake

For educational purposes here is Drake started from the bottom remake in FL Studio. You will be able to see the drum patterns which were...


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latets fl studio tutorials

Space Lite Free Pro Reverb VST Plugin with 26 Reverb Presets

If you're looking for a professional free-to-download Reverb VST plugin then Space Lite Reverb VST is the one to grab!Space Lite 3 is free...

Ro-Gold Reverb VST Plugin

This is a free-to-download Ro-Gold Reverb VST Plugin, which comes in a 500MB file size, definitely, a great VST plugin to add to your...

Valhalla Supermassive Free Reverb VST with Free 100+ Presets

If you're a music producer then this Valhalla Supermassive Free Reverb VST with Free 100+ Presets is simply fire!Not that it only comes with...

Tal Chorus LX Free Vocal VST Plugin

If you're looking to create some cool chorus type of string vocals, then Tal Chorus LX is the plugin to use. Spice up any...

TAL Reverb 4 – Free Reverb VST Plugin

If you are a music producer looking for an immaculate Reverb plugin then be sure that TAL Reverb 4 is Free VST Plugin no...

Latest Producers Making Beats

June James Breaks Down Beat Travis Scott's YOSEMITE FL Studio, this is some sick hip hop beat produced by HNHH Behind the Beat. This...
This is a live video of Metro Boomin producing a beat in FL Studio! This is some serious gold seeing metro boomin shine his...

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