NEO Finisher Effect VST Plugin

We have outlined some of the best and most decent analog-based synths, Free to download and free to use for any music producer.

If you need some decent analog synths then check out the options below, we will regularly update our selection making it easier for any music producer to select some of the best analog VST plugins available.

Analog synths are crispier, and clearer and come in a format of classic/retro type of synths, they can also be modern. Analog-based synths provide a much clearer sound and this is why we decided to dedicate this page to such a topic.

  1. 80-Vox Retro Analog Synth
  2. Free 44 S Old School Analog Synth
  3. TAL-Elek7ro Analog Synth
  4. SuperSonico Free Analog Synth VST
  5. Hercules V2 Free Analog Synth
  6. SB-3 LE Analog Analog Synth
  7. Pluton the Free Analog Synth
  8. Deducktion Free Analog Synth
  9. Analog Voice Free Analog Synth
  10. MC44 Analog Analog Synth
  11. EightySix Retro Analog Synthesizer

Check them out below;

Bucket ONE Free Synth VST Plugin
This is no ordinary synthesizer, designed and developed inside C++ this synth has some amazing sound output. Bringing back that 1985 type of retro synth sound. If you're looking for a free Synth VST plugin then this is the one! If you're a modern music producer looking to generate and synthesize...
80-Vox Retro Synth VST Plugin inspired by Yamaha CS-80
If your looking for a emulator of the Yamaha CS-80, then be sure that 80-Vox Retro Synth VST Plugin is definitely a top notch Synthesizer. There are many free retro synth out there but the 80-Vox brings out that classic retro sound you are looking for. This Synth emulator inspired...
Free 44 S Old School Analog Synth VST
Are you looking for a decent Old School Analog Synth VST Plugin? Then 44 S was designed and developed by gtg. When it comes to Old School Analog Synths getting that classic old-school nostalgia sound output everyone is looking for. If your looking for a decent Old School Analog Synth then...
Best Free Bass Analog Synth VST Plugin
Are you a music producer looking for some seriously good and maybe the best free bass Analog Synth VST Plugin? TAL-Elek7ro is a virtual analog synth, and saying this, no it's not a synth but a bass synth! Wait for what? Yeah, it's a little bit confusing! This will definitely give you...
SuperSonico Free Synth VST
SuperSonico Free Synth VST plugin is free to download. Definitely one of its kind within the analog synthesizer section. Comes with 105 Synth Presets. SuperSonico Synth VST has been designed and developed by solcitomusica. SuperSonico is more than a virtual synth, comes with many cool and amazing virtual instrumental presets. Let's take ...
Hercules V2 Free Synth VST Plugin
If you're looking for a free Analog Supersaw Synthesizer, then Hercules V2 is one of the best and free-to-use Synth VST Plugins. Now if your looking for a Hercules Synth VST style of synthesizer, you have definitely found it! Hercules V2 Free Synth VST Plugins packed with some amazing sound output...
SB-3 LE Analog Free Synth VST with 17 Synth Presets
If you're looking for some amazing analog synth sounds, then SB-3 LE Analog Free Synth VST with 17 Synth Presets. This is an amazing Synth Preset. SB-3 Free Synth VST is a stereo detunable analog synthesizer with easy mono switch/options. SB-3 Free Synth has been specifically optimized to use low CPU...
Pluton the Free Synth VST with 70 Presets
If you're looking for a decent analog VST plugin that has some decent presets, then Pluton is definitely among the top Free synth VST plugins. When it comes to virtual analog synths, Pluton is a great choice! Designed and developed by bserrano Main Features Polyphonic Voices x12 2 x Adv Osc Modulations ...
Deducktion Free Synth VST Analog Subtractive Synth
If you're looking for a Free Synth VST plugin then Deducktion is the Best Free Synth VST Analog Subtractive synthesizer you could use! When it comes to Free Synth VST plugins here at producersbuzz we only showcase and provide the best of the best! Deducktion is a subtractive synthesizer designed and developed...
Analog Voice Free Synth VST with 64 Presets
If your looking for a decent Synth then "Analog Voice" by SyncerSoft is definitely the Free Synth VST your looking for. SyncerSoft has really come through with this amazing free Synth VST, the analog voice is vintage style, meaning it's a subtractive synthesis style of synth. It also comes with...
MC44 Analog Synth - Free Synth VST with 100 Presets
If you're looking for a free Analog Synth, then MC44 is definitely one of the top Free Synth VST's you can get your hands on! MC44 Free Synth VST is a 4 oscillators analog synth with 100 Free Presets We have come across many synths but this definitely goes into our...
EightySix Retro Analog Synthesizer
Now you may be wondering how cool is this EightySix Retro Analog Synthesizer. This is one of the topmost downloaded online free to use Analog Synthesizer online. Are you looking for some decent free VST plugins? then be sure you are on the right page! EightySix Retro Analog Synthesizer is definitely...