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Native Instruments Massive VST

Native Instruments Massive VST is one of the best VST's you can use for modern music production.

Are you looking to get a Massive VST Plugin?
Did you know this is one of the best VST you can use for Bass and Lead? Massive VST is one of the best VST in FL Studio and mainly used in hip hop music production, as well as Dance and trance music production. There a lot of producers who use this VST and because of the sound it has it will make your produced beats sound much better and much more clear
Massive VST has the best, synths and basses and some of the best Leads which can easily be tweaked into your preferred sound. Massive supports analog midi input midi keyboards and much more, it has some of the best analog clear scrip sounds. The massive engine shows some of the best quality sound and deliverers pure quality results. Even if the sound is awkward, creepy or totally out of range they still sound crisp clear which is very good, you can get the full version from the native instruments online store.

The Interface

The interface for massive VST GUI is very simple to understand and very straight forward, Cleary laid out and very easy to use and navigate, this is great as first time users for massive VST will find it easy to get outstanding results with just few clicks of a button and no hard work at all.

Native Instruments Massive VST
Native Instruments Massive VST
Massive vst is a VST that has some of the best uncompromising characters and is capable of making some top unique distinctive sounds. Even if you’re going down to the deepest bass and deepest sounds they will still sound very clear and top quality. It has some of the razor-sharp leads which will show and stand out in your tracks very well, even if you go very high with the octave, massive vst will still play very well and very clear
Massive VSTMASSIVE’s VST has some of the best sounds and array of tweaks, has a very unique sonic spectrum, versatile options & bountiful filter, presets and effects sections sonic spectrum as broad as it is inspiring

Massive vst comes with 600 ready-to-use preset sounds.

These sounds are top-notch quality and ready to make your beat production much easier and professional sounding. The best thing is that you can mix the instrumental sound using modulators and built-in module feature, and create a unique sound using 2 or 3 different types of sounds.
All preset/bank sound which comes with massive vst are crafted and designed by artist and designers, so the quality of the sounds will be top-notch. The best thing about massive vst is that you can install it and start using it soon as possible, as it is so easy to use. Massive vst comes with an integrated koresound browser which may slow down your PC for while when loading but, the browser makes managing, editing, and selecting your presets much easier. Massive vst comes with a fast search filter function which allows you to find any sounds and presets quickly and easily. You can search based on certain specs of attributes – it has a music design and music power, which means that the sounds coming from the VST will sound like music and not a computer.

Native Instruments Massive VST
Native Instruments Massive VST
When you make a track with Massive VST and sell the beats, people purchasing your beats will be very happy and satisfied with the sound and the quality. Massive VST is not only aimed at talented music producers but also for live performances, its idea to use massive vst on stage, as it has many effects and great attributes it can easily be adjusted to artist needs and played professionally and in real-time (no-lagg).
When massive was produced it was not just made, but it was delivered to be what is know (master VST for leads and Bass) – massive VST in simple terms is the kind of Sounds. And anyone wanting to purchase massive VST is on the right track to success. Massive was produced looking at usability and making sure it’s easy to use.
Many people which have been using music software packages such as fl studio, reason, Cubase, and logic pro, even if it’s on Windows or Apple Mac they all had some experience with massive VST, its one of the best VST you can use for music production and can be also very fun.
So you want a Free Download?
Please note that we will not share any free downloads, Massive VST is a Paid Download and it’s against law to share any copyrighted Materials. Get a Fully working Version from
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