DRIP on Arcade VST by Output – New Preset for Trap/Hip-Hop Beats

Drip in Arcade VST Plugin

drip by arcade by output
drip by arcade by output

New preset/bank has been released by Arcade by output VST “DRIP”, music producers are aware of the power of Arcade VST by output, “DRIP” is a game-changer!

So what has the new DRIP preset has to offer on Arcade?

  • Gliding Subs
  • Repetitious melodies which are great for trap/hip-hop beats
  • Screwed Hats
  • Rhythmic Kicks
  • Some nice ethnic flute melodies
  • loads of great sound compositions (great for trap beats)


A quick video which shows “PAV Beatz” using Drip Preset to create a hip-hop beat in seconds, check out the full demonstration below;

The new drip has been specially crafted for hip hop music production but can also be used for sub-genre such as Trap beats and afro beats. We also have video on Vocode on Aracde here.

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Go & grab arcade online now, https://output.com/arcade (try for free for 30 days)