June James Breaks Down Beat Travis Scott’s YOSEMITE in FL Studio

June James the producers

June James Breaks Down Beat Travis Scott’s YOSEMITE FL Studio, this is some sick hip hop beat produced by HNHH Behind the Beat. This is a very nice 808 hip-hop beat.
Many music producers have been wondering how the pros produce beats, this is definitely one to watch.
June James is a great producer, and his tips, June James showcasing us the beat he has produced is gold dust and something no one should sleep on. (check more music producers making beats here)

Quick info about About June James below

June James The Producer
June James The Producer
June James (born October 11, 1990), also known as June, The Genius, is an American record producer from Houston, Texas”
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How did June James meet Travis Scoot?

Travis Scott has worked with June James on many occasions to make some big bangers, June James is a well know producer and a very talented one, as you can see in this youtube video.
June James met Travis Scott in the club, he never wanted any picture with him, just simply give him his CD with his top 5 beats on it and see what Travis would say.
After that June James heard nothing back from Travis Scoot. Then one day, after one long month of waiting, June James received an email, from Travis Scoot, saying
“you made an album?”
This one email instantly changed the game for June James making him some crazy money and at the same time big-name out in the music production industry.

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