Finisher Micro by Ujam – Free VST Plugin Download

Finisher MICRO by Ujam is a great sound VST plugin to add sauce to your beats!

Finisher Micro
Finisher Micro

Finisher Micro by Ujam – Free VST Plugin Download

Finisher MICRO by Ujam is a great sound VST plugin that can be used right at the end of your beat to add some serious sauce to your beat.


What do you get in Finisher Micro by Ujam?

  • 25 complex automated multi-effect chain Modes
  • Mode switching without audio drop-outs – the first time in a plug-in
  • Instant creative inspiration for music, sound design, and audio
  • Perfect FX companion for UJAM Instruments
  • The Devil’s Candy – now as an Audio FX!

Finisher micro is something you get when you combine a chorus, reverb, compressor, and eq with other cool effects as building blocks to create some amazing output effects for finishing tracks. Finisher micro has been designed to add that missing sauce to your beat/composition, to add that finishing touch and prevent your track from sounding bland and boring. (we have more vst plugins here)

Finisher Micro by Ujam

Who is it for?

Finisher MICRO is for just about anyone recording music or sound. Musicians, producers, sound designers and even podcasters will appreciate the special dash of creativity and inspiration.
How Does it Work?

Every Mode and its Amount Knob assignments are a complex sound design piece to create one particular “change of scene” for your instrument.


One Knob that can Change your whole sound in just 1 click

The main control knob, known as the “amount knob” can be wired to any active effect (parameter), can be used to speed up the phaser, add more distortion, or change the reverb. There are some cool presets which you can flick between, each preset comes with its own individual sound parameters (macro) this is truly amazing it can be used on;

  • Melodies
  • Piano loops
  • Pads and synths
  • Vocals
  • Drums and much more

Your Free Download Link Below, you must register to download but its all free and well worth it.


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