The Top FREE Music Production Software of 2021

The Top FREE Music Production Software of 2021

Are you constantly searching for sufficient sound editing software, only to come up short? There is such a great amount of software out there, but sadly their quality isn’t always the highest. Should you spend your precious time, time that should be spent creating, wading through the internet’s endless results? Wade no longer, for you have arrived at the internet’s most succinct and well-searched resource for free music production software.

The best producers of high quality music deserve to have access to the best, high quality music production software. Unfortunately, however, this cream of the crop software can often come at a high monetary cost. So what is a frugal creator to do? Lucky for all of you, we’ve gathered a list of the finest music production software out there. Oh, and did I mention each product is completely free?

Engineering your own sound takes plenty of skill, but nothing is more helpful (and necessary) than having the right software to mix and boost your music. We’re here to help you find that software. We did the research so you wouldn’t have to. Your time is much better used to make your music and mix some awesome beats.


For Mac and PC, Audacity is one of the highest rated cross-platform audio editing software. It operates with Windows, Mac, Linux, and a whole slew of other systems. Audacity also functions as recording software, doubling its usefulness. Simple to learn and easy to utilise, this program will assist you in ways you didn’t know you needed!


Download Audacity (click here)


WaveForm Free DAW

Every music producer worth their salt knows that your digital audio workstation (also known as a DAW in the world of audio production) is the most crucial piece of software for producing great tracks. Able to be used with any major platform you can think of, WaveForm Free is the best of its kind. It can load VST and AU plugins, meaning you’ll have thousands of free effects at your fingertips. Having won and been nominated for seven different awards (including Computer Music Performance Freeware of the Year), this software will have you sounding like the professional you are in no time. In addition to the free version, WaveForm offers a Pro version with a free 90 day trial.

WaveForm Free (DAW)

Download Waveform Free




Cakewalk stands last, but certainly not least, on our list today. One of the first ever DAWs, Cakewalk marked the path for digital music makers. It is the total package, including the ability to compose, record, edit, mix, master, and even share your work. The only downside to Cakewalk is its inability to run on any software other than Windows 10.


Download Cakewalk



This is a synth that can be used with all 3 daws listed above for free

If you’re searching for something a bit more beginner-friendly, SyndtSphere is your best bet. Based in Stockholm and prepared with more than 70 presets, this software allows you to play around with optimizing how your music sounds. Don’t be scared off by the idea of SyndtSphere being advertised toward those just starting out; you can come up with some pretty sick beats if you have experienced too.


Get SyndtSphere

Come back soon to dig up more information on the best and baddest of all things music production related! Here at producersbuzz, we bring you only the greatest.


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