Acoustic Drum Kit Samples

Acoustic Drum Kit Samples
Acoustic Drum Kit Samples

When it comes to acoustic drum kits, it’s hard to find decent-sounding Acoustic Drum Kit and Acoustic Drum Kit Samples online.

This S.M.P.L.D Acoustic Drum Kit contains some amazing sounds.

  • Acoustic Kicks
  • Acoustic Snares
  • Acoustic Hi-Hats
  • Other great acoustic sounds

Acoustic Drum Kit Samples


Overall this is a very nice drum kit with some very nice sounds for any type of genre-inspired music producer. Also, these drum samples will go very well with guitar sounds, here is a very nice free quitar soundfont you can download. 12 Free Guitar Soundfonts SF2

This drum kit supports any DAW that supports the import of wav files.

Contain high-definition wav files

Some very nice and punchy kicks in this sound pack, definitely worth downloading and trying out.

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