Akai LinnDrum Drum Kit Samples

The Classic Akai Linn Drums

LinnDrum Drum Kit
LinnDrum Drum Kit

Akai LinnDrum

Some quality LinnDrum inspired drum samples in this drum packs, the classic Akai LinnDrum Samples

    • Bassdrum
    • Clap
    • Closed Hat
    • Cowbell
    • Crash
    • Open Hat
    • Ride
    • SD
    • Shuffle
    • Tambourin
    • Tom H
    • Tom L
    • Tom M


What’s Inside?

LinnDrum History

The LinnDrum has fifteen 8-bit 28 kHz ~ 35 kHz digitally sampled drum sounds: bass drum, snare, side-stick snare, hi-hat, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, three tom-toms, cabasa, tambourine, high and low congas, cowbell, and hand-claps. Like the LM-1, it provided a sequencer for programming rhythm patterns, a built-in mixer, and individual output jacks for each sound.

The LinnDrum improved on the LM-1 in many ways including the addition of crash and ride cymbal samples, five external trigger inputs, and the ability to replace built-in sounds with new sounds on EPROM chips. The LinnDrum sampled sounds from 28 to a 35 kHz sample rate. Also, the LinnDrum was $2,000 less than the LM-1. While on the LinnDrum only the snare and rimshot can be tuned together, and the tom and conga samples can be tuned separately. The Hi-Hats can also have the decay adjusted allowing for a wide range of uses. The LM-1, on the other hand, allows every sound to be individually tuned. Although, if a user desires more tuning capabilities, a third-party modification can be made to allow for everything to be tuned.

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