Best Scratches Sounds Drum Kit

Scratches Sounds for Music Producers

Best Scratches Sounds Drum Kit
Best Scratches Sounds Drum Kit

If your a music producer looking for the perfect classic scratches to add to your beat/track then look no further! These scratch drum sounds are very clear and well mixed, the 7 HD scratch sounds included in this pack are;

  • Baby Scratch Fresh Ah Sound Scratch Drum Sound
  • CensorBeep Scratch  Drum Sound
  • Record Scratch Scratch  Drum Sound
  • VideoGame-SpaceInvaders Scratch  Drum Sound
  • BreakingNews01 Scratch Drum Sound
  • DJScratching4 Scratch Drum Sound
  • RecordScratchDamage Scratch Drum Sound

Some nice collection of scratching sounds to add to any music production library database, great sounds to have in any studio library as they will definitely help anyone looking to add them perfect scratch sounds in between any beats/tracks. We also have more drum kits here.