Candy Painted Drum Kit

If you're looking for a decent drum kit, then this is the drum kit that has the best selection of sounds.

Candy Painted Drum Kit
Candy Painted Drum Kit

Candy Painted Drum Kit contains over 240 different files. This drum kit comes in 7 different loading formats, for easy import into your DAW (.nki .exs .kit format .sxt .bat .exs .fxp & more) This drum kit contains;

  • 40 nice sound effects
  • 25 nice hi-hats
  • 51 decent kicks
  • 41 nicely selected perc’s
  • 59 decent snares

This drum kit can easily be loaded into any music production digital audio workstation, this is a great sound drum sample kit with some nice sounds, definitely a must-have for any music producer.