Ultimate Claps Drum Kit (Top 192 Different Clap Sounds & Clap Samples)

Ultimate Claps Drum Kit
Ultimate Claps Drum Kit

Ultimate Claps drum kit, there are over 192 different claps that will help you produce some amazing beats within your DAW.

When it comes to music production and producing that one hot/fire beat, you need the right samples and loops.

Many music producers find it had to find that right clap sound for their beat, with this huge sound pack of 192 different claps you will never have any issues.

Different claps in this pack

  • 32 x Bounce Klaps
  • 32 x Mellow Claps
  • 32 x Solo Claps
  • 64 x Stacked Claps
  • 32 x Wild Urban Claps

Some amazing claps in its drum kit, which can be used for almost any genre production, selection of these claps can easily be used for beats such as EDM, Trap, Hip-Hop, Dance, Rock, Pop, Drum, and Bass, Dub-Step and the list just simply goes on.

Why is it important to select the right clap for your track?

Selecting the wrong clap sound or sample will have a huge impact on your overall beat, the clap or snare plays a huge role in your final instrumental beat composition.

So make sure that the clap you select is the right clap! Download the free ultimate claps bundle!

This is a free drum kit download