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Ultimate Top List of 900+ FREE Soundfonts SF2 – (2022 Updated)

We have made the ultimate list of some of the hottest soundfonts sf2 for music production. over 900+ top free soundfonts which can be downloaded instantly.

136 Free SoundsFonts from ProducersBuzz

Top 23 Free Strings Soundfonts (download)
Top 18 Free Piano Soundfonts SF2 (download)
Top 15 Free Choir Soundfonts SF2 (download)
Top 14 Free Flute Soundfonts SF2 (download)
12 Free Guitar Soundfonts SF2 (download)
Emu Planet Phatt Best Hip-Hop Soundfont SF2 File (download)
Top 3 Free Piano, Flutes & Strings Soundfont SF2 Files (download)
Top 12 Free Orchestra SF2 Soundfonts Packs (download)
Download Top 8 Free Choir SF2 Soundfonts (download)
Top 30 Free Modern Music Production SF2 SoundFonts (download)

Top External Soundfonts from other websites

Synths Free Soundfonts

191 Soundfonts related to Synths

A nice collection of old-school synths and basses which are free to use in music production also comes with a mixture of trance, electro, hip-hop, and modern music type of synth sound fonts, all come in mono so be sure to add some post-production channel effects to make them sound better.

  • 21 Best Synths Collection on producersbuzz (Download)
  • 29 Synth Soundfonts (Download)
  • 60 Supersaw Synth Collection 2 (Download)
  • 20 free synth soundfonts (Download)
  • 11 Bass Soundfonts (Download)
  • Retro Synth PC – Used on DOOM soundtrack (Download)
  • JR Soundfonts – 32 free soundfonts (Download)
  • 10 Synth Basses Soundfonts (Download)
  • 6 MediaTek GM Synths – Used by Nokia 108 (Download)
  • 25 nice Synth Soundfonts (Download) updated 2022
  • 70 Synth Sound fonts by Zynth Zone (Download) updated 2022


211 Hip-Hop & Trap Type of inspired SoundFonts

Hip-Hop & Trap Type of inspired SoundFonts
looking for some serious hip-hop and trap-inspired soundfonts for hip-hop and trap music production? We have made a list of some of the best hip-hop and trap-influenced sound fonts sf2 for free download.

  • 30 soundfonts for Modern Music Producers (Download)
  • 126 hip hop soundfonts by (Download)
  • 40 hip-hop-inspired soundfonts by (Download)
  • 3 Johnny Juliano Inspired SoundFonts (Download)
  • 12 CompiFont SF2 is a cool soft VirtualMIDISynth (Download)


186 Orchestra related Soundfonts

orchestra free soundfonts
A huge selection of 86 orchestra related soundfonts from various websites and SoundFont providers.


110 Guitar & Stringed Bass related SoundFonts

free guitar soundfonts
Here is a huge selection of well-selected guitar and stringed bass related soundfonts, hosted by various websites across the internet we have only selected the top soundfonts which all music producers should add to their music production library.


181 Percussions & Drums related Soundfonts

Free percussions soundfonts
A huge selection of 181 powerful percussion and drums-related soundfonts for music production.

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Instruments (Download)
  • TwinkleStar Musicbox EXS24 & NI Kontakt Soundfonts (Download)
  • 80+ Clayton Huge SoundFonts Collection (Download)
  • 6 Chromatic Percussion Kits (Download)
  • 2 Percussive SoundFonts (Download)
  • Mystified Timpanis (Download)
  • 50+ Free Drums & Percussions (Download)
  • 30+ Nice Percussion SoundFonts (Download)
  • Tibetan Meditation Bells (Download)
  • Percussion Virtual SoundFonts (Download)
  • Nikleus Soundfont Collection (Download)
  • 56 free drum & percussion soundfonts (Download) Added 2022
  • SONiVOX EAS Drum kits Wavetable Ver. 1.72 (Download) Added 2022
  • Few percussion soundfonts by Chromatic Hits (Download) Added 2022



84 Piano & Organ related SoundFonts

free piano soundfonts
We have collected over 84 high-quality piano and organ-related soundfonts, which can be used by any daw supporting import and use of SoundFont files (SF2)

Last updated, 7th October 2022
We hope you enjoy this huge list of free soundfonts we have gathered and collated.

PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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