Best Lo-fi VST Effect for Hip-Hop/Rap | VST Plugin by iZotope Vinyl

Best free lo-fi VST plugin by iZotope

Best Hip-Hop / Rap Lo-fi VST Effect | VST Plugin by iZotope Vinyl
Best Hip-Hop / Rap Lo-fi VST Effect | VST Plugin by iZotope Vinyl

Izotope Vinyl has the power to turn any Melody and any drum loop into designated lo-fi output sound, giving you that lo-fi your really looking for to make them Juice WRLD, lil pump, xxxtentacion, Rejjie Snow, Chester Watson, Bishop Nehru which all love and contributed to the lo-fi hip-hop-rap genre in past few years and still is growing. Many music producers are trying to bring back those distorted cable signals, scratches, mechanical noises, and that old-sounding wear/tear to their lo-fi tracks. (We have more free VST plugins here)

iZotope Vinyl has all of that build right inside of the plugin and it’s so powerful that it will magic to your ears.


Why is iZotope Vinyl the best Lo-fi VST plugin?

Izotope vinyl will instantly adds that vintage characters to your track, not consuming much CPU iZotope Vinyl offers great dust effects, scratches, warp preset settings, and some high-quality mechanical noise reminiscent. it’s simply one of the best Lo-Fi effects VST plugins out there which costs nothing and still holds that quality of a paid VST plugin and beyond, then again this is iZotope were talking about, the founders of “Izotope Ozone” mastering VST plugins used by commercial professionals and sound engineers around the world, with more than 20% of commercial music being mix & mastered using their Izotopes VST plugins.

iZotope Vinyl is it free? How do I get my serial?

Yes, it’s free you will need to simply put down your email and subscribe to iZotope’s newsletter (which you can later unsubscribe if you find it useless) you will then be provided with a free macOS/Windows Download links along with your own free personal Serial which you will need to input into the VST plugin once you start it up, check the image below for a graphical example. (iZotope Vinyl is Compatible with plenty of DAW’s and consumes very minimal CPU).

iZotope Vinyl free serial

Free Izotope Lo-fi Presets

Preset for LO-fi Vocals

best lo-fi vocal preset effect by izotope vinyl

Preset for old Lo-fi Radio Sound

old radio lofi sound preset effect

Download Izotope Vinyl for free

Izotope Vinyl is free to download on macOS and windows from Izotope

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