808 Sub VST Plugin Download – XSUB 808 EDITION

Free 808 Trap & Hip Hop Sub Bass VST

Free 808 Sub VST Plugin Download
Free 808 Sub VST Plugin Download

808 Sub VST Plugin Download – XSUB 808 EDITION

This is a very powerful 808 sub-bass sounds for hip-hop/trap music producers.
Get the powerful 808 bass sound for your music from SimplySounds and Hex Loops. This virtual bass module features 36 tuned 808 bass sounds created using analog synthesizers, digital sine waves, guitar amps, and other fancy gear. We also have great 808 drum kick samples here for free download.


  • On-Board ADSR Controls
  • Built-in Reverb Effect
  • Modern Easy To Use Interface
  • Windows & MAC OS

There are many online 808 drum samples and 808 bass sub loops, this 808 VST plugin which is downloadable for free will make your selection of 808 drum bass sub-selection so much easier, it contains loads of great presents which you can just change with a click of a mouse.

WINDOWS & MAC DOWNLOAD – Click here to go to the download page (hexloops)


Are you looking for a much powerfull 808 sub-bass then we would recommend using 808 on arcade VST by output, unfortunately, it not free like 808 sub bass on this page, it contains a small monthly subscription fee. Check them out here

Did you know that Roland TR-808 influenced the 808? 

808 Sub VST Plugin Download - XSUB 808 EDITION
808 Sub VST Plugin Download – XSUB 808 EDITION
The congas ring cheekily, the cowbell plays a corroded chime, the snare is parched and cruel – and the bass drum, a hard bloom of air, is barely music at all. With these core sounds, abetted by a handful of others, a simple drum machine gave house, techno and hip-hop the language it still speaks today.
The Roland TR-808 went out of production in 1983, even as the music that depended on it was being formed. Now Roland has resurrected it as the TR-8. The new model features all the sounds of the original as well as those of its successor, the TR-909 (there is also a relaunched version of the TB-303, the imitation bass guitar that acid house producers used to produce disturbing, squelching undulations). The 909 certainly left its mark, its hi-hats becoming one of the hallmarks of techno’s froideur, but it’s the 808 that remains the most iconic and influential. Read more here


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