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Unlimited Free Maximizer and Limiter VST

If you’re a music producer looking for a decent Maximixer and Limiter then make sure to check this Unlimited is a loudness maximizer and limiter designed with stereo 5.1 surround material.

This amazing Unlimited Maximizer & Limiter comes with ITU-R BS.1770 compliant loudness meter, this actually comes with extra RMS output settings meters.

In simple terms, this is quite a cool Maximizer and Limiter plugin 2 in 1.

Supports Windows PC, Would be great to see this VST plugin support other operating systems.

Maximizer and Limiter VST
Maximizer and Limiter VST

Main Features;

  • Easy to modify limiter threshold modulation
  • Weight with the centre, LFE and surround splitting settings modulations
  • Character settings module
  • Response settings module
  • Built-in monitor for limiting
  • Built-in 3 Classic mode presets classic mode, film and peak meter.

Best part is that this VST is 2.2MB meaning it will not consume much of CPU.

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Please note that Transpire has been developed by Sonic Anomaly which has stopped serving plugins for music producers since 2019.

Before you download this VST please read the below;

To download Transpire, scroll down the page on the VST list on the 3rd third-party provider (web archive), transpire is the 1st VST listed from the top.

Enjoy this download!

After all its free! read more about the license here.

PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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