21 Savage Vocal Effect Settings in FL Studio (Free FL Studio preset)

21 savage vocal effect preset fl studio

We have created an easy-to-follow step-by-step 21 savage vocal effect vocal preset for FL Studio.

This 21 Savage Vocal preset also comes with step by step FL Studio tutorial

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Here a video on what to expect with this 21 savage type vocal effect in fl studio.

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What you will learn;

  • Basic EQ on achieving 21 savage types of Vocal effect
  • How to compress your vocals the right way to sound like 21 savage
  • Using purely core VST plugins that come with FL Studio
  • Using Soundgoodizer to enhance the sound towards 21 savage influenced EQ

When it comes to making your vocals shine and sound great, it can be quite challenging, this is why we have made this easy to use and follow 21 Savage FL Studio tutorial.

We have made a preset that you can download and use in FL Studio music production.

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Download 21 Savage preset