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Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 MIDI keyboard Spec, Price & Review

We will be looking at Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 MIDI keyboard specification, price and checking out a product review.
Novation has been known to churn out high-quality musical instruments, and this one is no less. There are tons of features provided in this keyboard that is bound to leave you stunned. The best part to note here is that it is provided in an affordable price range, plus the portability does wonders as well. Sure, there are tons of mini MIDI controllers out there, but this one captures the eyes of the buyer because of its sleek design and updated features.

Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 Front
Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 Front


Among the core features, let’s start with the keys. This keyboard comes with 25 mini keys that have velocity sensitivity and synth-action a well. Moreover, comes with two touch strips which are used for pitch bend and modulation. There are eight control knobs and buttons for transpose and octave up/down. With the eight control knobs, you can work on customizing and controlling the elements during music production. There are controls for play, stop and record included obviously, and 1/4th sustain pedal input as well.

Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 Side
Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 Side

Build and Performance

One might think the changes made to this version are tiny, but performance-wise, it has been improved b tenfold. The build and aesthetic appeal of the design have been enhanced as well, with the old curves chucked out the window. Now, it comes with clean lines and a futuristic design. Moreover, the paint on the design has been improved as well, and it is available in black or matte grey. Moreover, one major improvement design-wise is that the pad has been slimmed for sleekness.
This lightweight desk is known for its high performance. There is a USB port that is dual purpose. You can use it to connect the Launchkey with a computer and to power it up as well. With the new and powerful arpeggiator, you can get some beautiful rhythms and melodies.
This arpeggiator is equipped to deal with all your requirements, but the best good part is that it is very easy to use with all the controls in your domain. The 16 super-sensitive pads are perfect for rhythms.

Software Bundle

Moving ahead, the Novation Launch is pretty loaded when it comes to software. There are tons of other tools that you might need for making music. Software including the Softube, AAS, XLN Audio, Spitfire Audio, and Klevgrand are available for all buyers. Moreover, you will also get access to membership of Novation Sound Collection. Not to forget, a copy of Ableton Live Lite is included for ease of usage.


This keyboard with hardware includes 16 velocity RGB pads, eight rotary controls, stirs for pitch and mod, and sustain input is available in a very affordable price range. Costing you slightly more than $100, you will be getting various hardware and software features.
Manufacturer – Novation Launchkey

Final Words

All in all, this keyboard consists of a bunch of features curated in a stylish and sleek design. Since the build is designed smartly, you can easily carry it around with yourself. The portability, affordability, and versatile features are equipped to handle any job.

PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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