Focusrite OctoPre MkII Audio Interface

Focusrite OctoPre MkII Audio Interface
Focusrite OctoPre MkII Audio Interface

The Focusrite OctoPre MKII is the facelift version of its original OctoPre audio interface featuring eight preamps and eight analog outputs. The OctoPre MKII is the refined version of its predecessor with a neutral sound to boot and perfect for a small home setup.

The Focusrite OctoPre MKII belongs to the Saffire range of products from Focusrite. It is a ‘full-flat or lite version of the predecessors, dubbed as the platinum range. The MKII model is hardly any different from the OctoPre LE model; however, it produces 96 kHz audio and has a digital card.


Here is some specification for the OctoPre MKII model audio interface by Focusrite:

  • 8 high-quality preamps
  • Eight-channel 96 kHz 24-bit audio output
  • Optimized mic-pres for tracking drums
  • Hi-Z instrument inputs
  • 5.13 kg in weight


Focusrite OctoPre MkII
Focusrite OctoPre MkII


The MKII audio interface by Focusrite features eight preamps that would light up any sound engineer’s mind and audio projects. It also comes with high-quality pres that are one of the features of the Saffire range. There are two preamp inputs found on the front, while the other six reside at the back. The front two provide easy access to the inputs.

A major update over the MKIs is the digital connectivity ensured through ADAT. In the previous version, this was only optional, whereas now it’s a standard port in the MKII.

The OctoPre MKII divides the outputs into categories based on the sampling rates. With a sample rate of 44.1 and 48 kHz, there are eight output channels from the single Port 1.

People who own digital audio workstations will certainly be pleased with the MKII as it offers eight channels of high-quality digital audio without any hardware/software compatibility issues.

You can ensure complete sync of your work by clocking the OctoPre MKII with the world clock on a DAW device.

The OctoPre MKII works as an upgrade on the previous version, bringing the interface to par with the more popular and competent Saffire Pro 40. The additional thing on top of the Saffire Pro 40 sound levels is controlling the dials and the metering lineup.

The LED’s on the previous version were subpar at best, but with the OctoPre MKII, you get vast improvements in ladder LED for all channels. The potential gain range is also enhanced via -10dB pads on all inputs.

The front panel is capable of providing phantom power via two independent switchable blocks of four-channel. Also housed on the front panel are inputs that have a mic and line-level services. These services are interchangeable with the hi-Z instruments via inputs on channels one and two.



OctoPre MkII: $499.99
OctoPre MkII Dynamic: $699.99



The OctoPre MKII by Focusrite consists of a simple yet effective piece of audio equipment. Housed in this impressive metal chassis are eight preamps for excellent analog and digital audio output. The box of the MKII is refined to make it more visually and acoustically appealing than its predecessor.

The sound quality offered by the MKII is neutral and well-rounded. At the same time, digital connectivity via ADAT is a life-saver for composers and music producers producing music on a small scale.