Dynamo VST Plugin Sound or Game Designers Dreams FX VST

Dynamo Vocal & Creative FX VST Plugin
Dynamo Vocal & Creative FX VST Plugin

Have you ever heard of the Dynamo VST plugin by Ujam? If you are a sound or game designer looking for an exclusive VST plugin for Effects, then Dynamo is the one!

Dynamo VST plugin comes with some amazing features, features to Animate, morph, and re-groove any sounds, instruments, or vocals on live inputs too.

A Quick Preview Demonstration from PAV here at Producersbuzz

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The power of Dynamo Finisher FX VST Plugin

Main Features

  • 50 highly versatile multi-effect modes
  • Huge 290+ presets (easy to find categories)
  • Advance 5 levels style rhythm and sound output selector
  • Available in VST, AAX, AU formats

If you have been following us here at producersbuzz, you would have noticed that we released 2 other articles based on Ujam. The RETRO Finisher Plugin, and also Top 2 Real-Time Vocal Effect VST Plugins (Voodoo and Neo).

The presets are well laid out and categorized by genres such as bass, drums, pads, vocals, and etc…


Dynamo VST Presets
290 categorized presets ready to go!

If you wish to get the VST plugin you can purchase it from Ujam, unfortunately, this is not a free VST plugin.