The Art of the Becoming a Bedroom Music Producer

Bedroom Music Producer
Bedroom Music Producer

The best things in life happen in the bedroom….and no, I’m not talking about that. What I’m talking about is music! Some of the highest quality and most well-loved music has come from what we refer to as “bedroom music producers.” These creators make music from their single-room apartments. They can be found mixing beats and laying tracks better than anyone in a studio could, simply sitting at a desk in their apartment. Who needs fancy equipment costing thousands of dollars when you have raw talent and dedication?

So, how does one become a music producer from the confines of their bedroom? Well, there are some great free resources out there that can be downloaded straight onto your computer from the comfort of your home. Never mind the expensive gear…these software downloads start from the low price of FREE.

In addition to the free downloads, you will want to purchase some gear to assist you in the creative process. However, these items will certainly pay for themselves many times over. Once you start making music (and money) you’ll know you made the right decision in purchasing these products.



To start, you’ll need a digital audio workstation (also known as a DAW). Every skilled bedroom producer has one. We recommend Podium Free. It’s a two-in-one recorder and editor. It’s able to handle VST plug-ins as well. Another awesome (and free) option is Tracktion T5, a fully-equipped DAW for no fee.


Plug-Ins (AU/VST)

au vst plugins

Plug-ins are the side dishes to the main course of your DAW. The mashed potatoes to your steak, they will boost your tunes with thousands of instrumental options. They can add beats and bass ranging from basic to professional as well. While there are literally hundreds of plug-ins out there on the internet, we have found a few of the best:

Sennheiser DrumMic’a (Drum software)
Ignite Amps (Guitar Amp Sim)
GK Amplification 2 from Audiffex (Bass Amp Sim)
SampleTank Free from IK Multimedia (30 free instruments)


Audio Interface

audio interface
audio interface

An audio interface is probably the most important piece of equipment you’ll own. This item connects to your computer and works with your DAW. It will allow you to attach a physical microphone or speakers to your computer to achieve a higher quality sound effect. Ranging from less expensive to higher-end, we recommend starting out cheaper and building up from there.


Microphones and Speakers (Studio Monitors)

Microphones and Speakers

Alongside your audio interface, you’ll want to own at least one microphone and a set of speakers (Active Studio Monitors). While these often come installed on most laptops already, the audio quality will be much higher using an external set. These, too, range from lower prices to higher ones, but most anything will be sufficient.

At the end of the day, you can spend your life savings on recording one single in the studio, or you can take a portion of that money to invest in products that you’ll have for the rest of your life. The choice is up to you, but we’ve found that some of the best music of all time has come from bedroom producers!