2 Cool XXXTentacion Inspired Drum Patterns in FL Studio Tutorial

2 Cool XXXTentacion Inspired Drum Patterns
2 Cool XXXTentacion Inspired Drum Patterns

We will show you 2 cool drum patterns that you guys can use free for profit.

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Before we go deeper into this step by step fl studio tutorial, please note that XXXTentacion tempo range is around 60 to 70bmp. If you work in the double-time it would be 120 to 140bpm.

xxxtentacion tempo range


  1. The first Layout for XXXTentacion inspired drum patterns

XXXTentacion inspired drum patterns

2. The second layout for XXXTentacion type of inspired drum loop

xxxtentacion drum pattern 2 in fl studio

Download Tutorial Drum Samples

You can also down free drum samples that were used in this step-by-step guide fl studio tutorial.