How To Make Punchy Kicks in FL Studio

There have been many music producers who basically given up on fl studio because of the kicks not being punchy enough, we are going to show you guys how you can make punchy kicks in fl studio.
This is a very quick and easy to follow tutorial, first we increase the volume of the kicks (velocity) in the piano roll, this will stop the volume from being limited of 80% output. Then we add simple EQ and compressors to make the kick sound just perfect. We have used Melda Productions VST plugin in the tutorial. Download some free VST plugins here on our download VST page.
punchy kicks by Taman on Sample Focus
We have found some very nice punchy kicks by Taman on Sample Focus. Using punchy kicks to start off with will definitely help you, please note that starting off with non-punchy kicks is very difficult to achieve that punchy sound if the sample your using is simply not the right sound, having punchy kick sample to start off will surely make it so much easier to work with and EQ to the right output intended.

Some comments we found from other producers about punchy Kick

Lulcat said: 60-100Hz is usually where the punch sits at, and the ‘tik/tok’ usually sits at 1400-2000Hz. You can however boost a bit around 8000Hz to get the typical clicky type of sound.

peterkuli said: Ableton’s glue compressor can get that job done. Turn down the threshold to your liking and then, me personally, I turn the makeup anywhere between 2 and 4dB.
To add to the previous comments, an often overlooked issue is a phase. If you’re using samples, you can toy around with the starting point of the clip to make sure you minimize distortion with the sub. Ducking the bass helps as mentioned. EQ with a gentle boost at the 70-90Hz “knock” range and drop a cut around 125-150 if it starts to sound boxy. Tune your kick to your sub. simple wave-forms work best for sub (i.e. sine).


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