How to make Vocals like The Weekend in FL Studio

Vocals like The Weekend in FL Studio
Vocals like The Weekend in FL Studio

Do you want to know how to make Vocals like The Weekend?

Making your vocals sound like the weekend can be quite challenging for beginners in fl studio and this is why we have made a step by step tutorial here on producersbuzz, making the weekend vocals in fl studio ain’t that hard and to be honest its quite easy, there are certain effects you must use in order to create that reverb echo type of atmosphere. Check out the video I have made for you guys, its quite a simple to follow step by step fl studio tutorial.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make vocal effects sound like the weekend in fl studio, this is what we will cover;

  1. Pre-recording effects on channel
  2. Using reverb 2
  3. Using fl soft clipper
  4. Using Fl studio EQ 2
  5. Using the correct Compression
  6. Post recording effects
  7. Using autotune

It is optional to use autotune for the vocal effects, it all depends on what kind of outcome your after, the weekend does use autotune but it’s very almost natural sounding, so make sure you turn the autotune effects on the vocals to give you about 30 to 40% output. This way the output of the autotune effect will not be too overpowering.