Mixing & Mastering Trap & Hip-Hop Beats in FL Studio Tutorial

There have seen many tutorials online about mixing and mastering hip-hop/trap beats in FL Studio. Being a producer myself for over 10 years I have overcome many obstacles, some of which may have resulted in kicks not having enough punch or snare just not sounding right to sounding perfect. There are many mixing & mastering tools out there which can dramatically help you with your music production. Such as Melda Production effects which include compressor & EQ plugins. We also have loads of great free VST plugins that you can download for free in our VST download library.

This is a very easy step by step tutorial which outlines simple technique and which DB you should use.

  • Hip Hop / Trap Kicks
  • Hip Hop / Trap Snares
  • Hip Hop / Trap Hi-hats
  • Hip Hop / Trap Percs
  • Hip Hop / Trap Melody
  • Hip Hop / Trap 808 Bass

After watching this tutorial you will learn how to mix and master in fl studio, mixing and mastering does sound a bit sketchy at first, to be honest, if this is your first time attempting to mix and master in fl studio it can be very challenging, it can seem quite hard at first. After a bit og practice, you will soon realize its much easier than you think.

Learning the right techniques of mixing and mastering really helps you understand which frequencies should be used for different instruments. This video tutorial we have put together demonstrates simple volume / DB of each instrument along with EQ and compressions on different channels.

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