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Making a FL Studio 808 Trap Hip Hop Drum Loop Tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial, making a FL Studio 808 trap/hip-hop drum loop.

This is a step-by-step tutorial, on making an FL Studio 808 trap/hip-hop drum loop, if you’re a modern music producer looking for a decent tutorial on how to make an FL Studio 808 Trap beat, then this step-by-step FL Studio tutorial will teach you just that.

Let’s check out the final outcome of this step-by-step fl studio tutorial, check out the final composition below;

[player id=395]


1. First you will need to download the sounds which you will need for this tutorial, please download the sounds below;


2. Set the tempo of the project to 90 Beats Per Minute

Set the Tempo to 90 - Step by Step Tutorial | Making a FL Studio 808 Trap/Hip Hop Drum Loop

3. Import project files downloaded for this tutorial into FL Studio.

4) Import all your samples into your channel rack as shown below;

Import files into the channel rack - Making a FL Studio 808 Trap/Hip Hop Drum Loop

5) layout all your kicks as shown below, make sure you have all 3 kick samples imported

  • “JJ – 808 (4)”
  • “JJ – Kick2” & “
  • “JJ – TrapKick6”

Layout the kicks as shown in this fl studio screenshot
You should have a sound like this now.
[player id=375]

6) Now let’s add the snares as shown below, you should have 2 snares named;

  • “JJ – Snare7”
  • “JJ – Snare23”

Adding the snares - Making a FL Studio 808 Trap Hip Hop Drum Loop
Once the layout of the snares as shown above you should have a snare sound which sounds like this when played together with the kicks.

[player id=380]

7) Now fill in all the “beats/bars” inside of the Hi Hat as shown below. This is using the sample “JJ – HiHat 12”

hi hat layout for hip hop trap 808 fl studio beat in fl studio

8) Now right-click on the “JJ – Hi-Hat 12” and click on “Piano Roll” as shown below.

Now right click on the "JJ - Hi Hat 12" and click on "Piano Roll" as shown below.

9) Now Select “1, Snap to grid” and then click on “2, select 1/2 step”. This will change the snapping of your input to snap to 1/4 step, it will give us more room to layout more hi-hat and really create that trap 808 hi-hat feel!

10) Now with a lot of playing around we have structured a quite common hi-hat layout used by many music producers in the trap / 808 hip-hop beat industry. Please input all data with the draw tool as shown below.

Hi Hat layout from piano roll editor, this is the hi hat layout for a nice trap / 808 hip hop drum loop
You should now have a nice drum loop which should sound like this when played.
[player id=387]

11) Now change the velocity of the hi-hats to sound more natural. As you can see the build-up to a rolling start with a lower volume and builds up.

Change the velocity of the hi hats to sound more natural.

12) Right-click on “pattern 1” and select “clone” this will now clone the whole “pattern 1” and create a “pattern 2 with the same inputs as “Pattern 1”. This will give us the same inputs on all sounds which means we can alter the drums on pattern 2 to sound different.

clone the pattern to a new pattern 2 in fl studio.

13) Now on pattern 2 input a few more kicks as shown below.

add more kicks on pattern 2 - Hip Hop and trap 808 drum loop in FL Studio

14) Now click on the playlist near the top middle of the screen highlighted in white and input pattern 1 and pattern 2 into the playlist as shown below.

On playlist input pattern 1 and pattern 2 as shown to have different drum loop playing on each new bar
Now when you listen to this 4 bar hip hop/trap 808 drum loop you should have something like our sample listed below;

[player id=395]
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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