Drum Rolls & Drum Roll Loops Drum Kit

download perfect drum rolls

Drum Rolls & Drum Roll Loops Drum Kit
Drum Rolls & Drum Roll Loops Drum Kit

If your a music producer looking for loads of great free sounding drum rolls, then this is the perfect drum kit for you to use. 10 perfectly created and producer drum rolls which can be directly imported into your music production project.

This is a free drum kit with 10 high quality .wav files (drum rolls), we have more drum kits Here

Which files are cluded in this drum roll drum kit?

– TFB_140_COMBO_010_WK.wav
– TFB_140_COMBO_016_WK_.wav
– TFB_140_SNARE_ROLLS_006.wav
– TFB_140_SNARE_ROLLS_010.wav
– TFB_BLEEP_FILL_001_F.wav
– TFB_BLEEP_LOOP_005_A.wav
– TFB_BLEEP_LOOP_016_A.wav
– TFB_VOX_FX_LP_010_Db.wav