Free Hip-Hop Producer Drum Kit (Designed for Hip-Hop Producers)

Free Hip-Hop Producer Drum Kit
Free Hip-Hop Producer Drum Kit

We have designed a free hip-hop music production drum kit. This Hip-Hop Music producer drum kit comes with some powerful drum samples and sounds.

If you are looking for more powerful hip-hop drum kits, here at producersbuzz we have over 100 very nice hip-hop and rap drum kits that you can download for free.

This drum kit contains;

  • 20 Hip-Hop Claps
  • 20 Hip-Hop Hi-Hats
  • 35 Hip-Hop Kicks
  • 40 Hip-Hop Snares
  • 5 Hip-Hop Shakers
  • 10 Hip-Hop Percs
  • 3 Hip-Hop Snaps

+ Much more great hip-hop sounds in this sound pack.

This is a perfect Hip-Hop Producer Drum Kit that can be loaded into any DAW supporting the import of WAV files.

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