Classic VX7 FM Synth with 160 Free VST Synth Presets

Classic VX7 FM Synth
Classic VX7 FM Synth

Are you looking for a classic FM Synth? Be sure that the VX7 FM Synth that comes with 160 Free VST Synth Presets is free to download!

Classic VX7 FM Synth is definitely one of the best free-to-download synths out there! Well worth the download!

Designed and developed by Speedsoft which is no longer developing VST plugins, makes this VST plugin gold dust! The best part is that the VX7 is a 6-operator FM synthesizer!

Let’s take a closer look at VX7 FM Synth below;

VX7 Synth
VX7 Synth

Main Features;

  • Comes with A, B, C, D, E & E Banks
  • Main Voice
  • Multi operations
  • Preferences with LFO, EG, Alg, and Filter options and modulations
  • Ability to change the synth output algorithm
  • Other extra features and settings

If your looking to add extra effects and make these 160 preset sound better make sure to add some external effects on the channel rack, such as reverb or delay would do just great! Otherwise, the sounds would sound quite blunt as they are in mono with no effects.

  • Add Reverb for a nice atmosphere effect
  • Add delay for a nice dual type of sound
  • Add stereo effects to separate the channel and make the sound better

Installation guide

Please note that this VST plugin requires a manual installation on your Windows PC, we have made a step-by-step tutorial on how to install this VST plugin .dll files onto your VST plugin folder so that it fully operates inside FL studio or other external DAW you may be using.


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VX7 Synth (Windows) 2.0 MB 39 downloads



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