Top 28 Analog Synth VST Plugins

28 Analog Synth VST Plugins

Top 28 Analog Synth VST Plugins
Top 28 Analog Synth VST Plugins

Top 28 Analog Synth VST Plugins

We have selected top 28 free vst analog synth plugins which can be downloaded for free, this is a huge selection of some great free synth vst plugins. This pack contains over 90mb of free vst plugins which all music producers should download and use in music production.

  • DSK ThoR VST Plugin Free Download
  • S7 Synth VST by Samsara Cycle Audio
  • SartreXT Analog Synth VST
  • Saturn Band Saturated Synth
  • Satyr Virtual Analog Synth
  • Serio3 Subtractive Synthesizer VST Download
  • Silver Bass – Drub Step and Drum n Bass Basslines
  • Simple Synth – Variety of audio Synthesis
  • SmallQoo 8 Voice Poly Compact Synth
  • ST 2008 – Free Pads and FX Synth VST
  • SubDuer VST Download by Majken
  • SubsTractor Free VST Plugin
  • Sucker VST Plugin
  • Superwave P8 VST Plugin
  • Swierk Free Synth VST
  • Synth2 Synth VST
  • The Blooo VST Synth Plugin
  • Tsunami Synth VST Plugin
  • Tunefish Synthesizer VST Plugin
  • Twin Bass Synth VST
  • Tyrell Nexus 6 Free Vst Plugin
  • Victor is a 3×4 osc Analog Synth
  • VMP1 Synth VST Plugin
  • VS-1 oscilloscope VST Synth Plugin
  • VST TAL-Elek7ro 2 Free Download
  • VST TAL-NoiseMaker
  • Warmys Supersaw VST Plugin – by Warmonger
  • Wollo Drone Synth VST


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