Pastel Reverb VST Plugin (Windows & macOS)

Pastel Reverb VST Plugin
Pastel Reverb VST Plugin

Pastel Reverb VST Plugin is an advanced Reverb VST. Be assured that Pastel Reverb VST Plugin is definitely a great choice when it comes to reverb plugins.

Pastel Reverb is room style reverb designed for all sorts of music compositions and productions. Definitely a great Reverb VST worth downloading for any music production session, composers, or sound engineer.

Comes with some great features such as;

  • Cutt-off
  • Resonance
  • Drive
  • Room size Effect
  • Damping Effects
  • Width of the reverb

Also comes with wet and dry effects, The same as what you would find in many reverb effects.

let’s have a closer look at the VST plugin

Pastel Reverb VST

Now the great news is that this Reverb VST plugin will work on Windows (VST/VST3) and macOS AU/VST.

Saying this means that this VST is definitely worth the download!

Will easily work on your most favorite major DAW’s such as FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, Ableton live, Sony Academy, and so much more.

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Pastel Reverb VST (Windows 64 VST3) 12.28 MB 325 downloads


Pastel Reverb VST (macOS AU) 14.29 MB 26 downloads


Pastel Reverb VST (macOS VST) 14.29 MB 20 downloads



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