SIM-PF Free Synthesiser Piano VST Plugin (9 Piano Presets)

SIM-PF Free Synthesiser Piano VST Plugin
SIM-PF Free Synthesiser Piano VST Plugin

If you are into your piano Sounds and simply love Synthesisers, then this combination is fire!

SIM-PF uses parameter control and modules allowing some extreme and creative piano sound outputs.

The reason that Synthesiser VST Plugins are better than samples piano VST’s is that they use modulations, extra settings, and extra beneficial creativity from such inputs.

Therefore, resulting in nothing but pure awesomeness.

Sampled Piano VST plugins will not have such effects, providing a creative way of designing a designated piano sound output!

This VST plugin has been designed and developed by flowstoners

A closer look at this beautiful synth/piano


As you can see from the image above

With so many awesome functions and so many modulations, the possibilities of piano sound output are simply amazing!

Enhancing your Piano sound output

When it comes to any VST Plugins you must remember to always add some effects in the effective channel to get the preferred sound output.

  • Reverb (create a nice atmosphere)
  • Delay to create some cool echo and variation to the sound
  • Phaser, maybe for a dance piano effect?

The Presets

This Piano VST plugin comes with 9 cool-sounding Piano Presets. All are free to download and free to use. Check the image below for a quick reference.

Piano Preset Sounds

Installation guide

Check below some 2 quick and easy installation guides.

If you enjoy this piano VST plugin please note that below we have loads of other great Piano VST plugins;

Support both Windows 32 and 64 bit, unfortunately, this VST plugin does not support macOS or Linux.


SIM PF Piano VST (Win32) 7.3 MB 151 downloads


SIM-PF Piano VST (Win64) 8.37 MB 219 downloads


If our download link above does not work or you wish to check for the latest version then check out flowstoners


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