Central Cee FL Studio Vocal Preset & FL Studio Vocal Mixing Tutorial

Central Cee Vocal Preset
Central Cee Vocal Preset

If you are from the UK then you would have heard of a UK rapper named Central Cee, we are providing a free Central Cee vocal preset for FL Studio.

When it comes to mixing vocals in fl studio it can be quite tricky, we have created this free Central Cee type vocal preset which will help you sound like Central Cee when it comes to mixing and mastering vocals.

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Central Cee Vocal Preset comes with;

  • Main Rec (Main recording effect channel)
  • Main Vocals (Main stable vocal effect channel)
  • Reverb (Main reverb to bring a bit of echo/reverb into the vocals)
  • Background Cream (This effect channel can be used on any background screams)

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