Chris Brown Inspired Autotune FL Studio Vocal Mixing Tutorial

Chris Brown Inspired Vocal Preset (FL Studio)
Chris Brown Inspired Vocal Preset (FL Studio)

If you are a music producer and looking into how to mix Vocals for anyone to sound like Chris Brown. Be sure that this Chris Brown-inspired vocal preset is definitely worth the download.

Chris Brown-inspired Autotune FL Studio tutorial guide also comes with a free preset. This preset can be downloaded from and imported inside FL Studio 20, may also support a lower version of FL Studio

Check out the full guide on how to install the Free Vocal preset below along with the full step-by-step FL Tutorial.

What you will learn from this Chris Brown FL Studio Tutorial?

  • Chris Brown Inspired EQ
  • Chris Brown Inspired Compression
  • De-Esser Vocal Cleaner (external)
  • Correct Settings and volume control, Get Vocal Cleaner VST Plugin

Of course, you will not sound like Chris brown 100% as we all have genetically different voices, but you will sound very similar to the artist himself, hence this is a rap artist’s “inspired vocally preset”.


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