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10 Reasons Why Most Music Producers Fail

Why do most music producer fail as music producers and what can you do to prevent this during music production?

What are the 10 Reasons Most Music Producers Fail? read below to find out more, about music production tips.
Surely, everyone makes mistakes. However, producers are said to be their own worst enemies with some of the mistakes they make that kill them along with their businesses.
It is worth noting that most of these mistakes are not music-based but actually deeper than that. Therefore, provided is a list of 10 reasons some producers failed in the industry so that you can avoid them.

Why Music Producers Fail?
Why Music Producers Fail?

1: Too mainstream

Most of the music we listen to nowadays are just copies of the same thing. And it is getting annoying. To illustrate, most producers lost their originality and their sense of uniqueness and they find it easier to copy what is already famous instead of creating their own music and fanbases.

2: You’re Stuck

Possibly, you’re finding yourself stuck at some point and not knowing where to go next. For example, you wrote an 8-bar loop yet you’re still unsure how to proceed with your track. Despite that, you’re done with the hard part already. Therefore, proceed with your work and do not hesitate to ask other people from the industry for help.

3: There is No Time

Time is running fast, isn’t it? Therefore, you should stop whatever procrastination methods you’re wasting your time with and actually start acknowledging what you’re doing. Thus, try being concrete with your schedule and timing and remember that committing to it will get you there.

4: No Imagination

Recently, some producers seem to be abandoning their imagination and creativity and tending to have their computers lead their beats. In spite of that, producers need to create concepts and visualize the final outcome.

5: No Sales

Unfortunately, some producers underestimate their effort and time forgetting that if they wanted customers to value their work, then they need to value what they do themselves. Others give up quickly if their beats don’t make sales. However, every beginning in any business is the hardest stage, yet patience and hard work will pay off in the end.

6: Doubt

Sadly, some producers think the music they produce is trash or bad or not worth it. Doubts are just like fears; they kill your dreams of successful flourishing businesses. Therefore, kick all these bad thoughts aside, find some positive approval for your work, leave some room for improvement, and share them with the world!

7: Free Stuff

Moreover, if you think giving out lots of free stuff is a good idea as it will attract more traffic to your web, then think again. We’re not telling you not to give away free stuff; however, the process needs to be done carefully. Plus, if people are used to having free stuff from you, then it will be hard for them to be converted into paying customers in the future.

8: Creativity Blocks

Certainly, at some point in your production, you will be getting creativity blocks. Thus, if you find yourself not managing to get past them, then do not panic! They happen all the time. However, you will be getting less of them when you find that formula or method in which you produce easily.

9: Low Prices

Surely, if you set your beat at high prices, you’ll end up having a website full of cobwebs. Similarly, if you set your prices too low, you will face the dilemma of music artists not trusting the quality of your beats. Thus, make sure to set a fair price for each beat.

10: Poor Budgets

Figuring out your funding plan is extremely risky and critical to any business. Plus, the claim of spending money to get money is actually correct. Therefore, you have to decide on a well-crafted financial plan and let it be fixable to adopt any further changes.
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PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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