Cableguys Timeshaper 2 VST Plugin

Cableguys Timeshaper
Cableguys Timeshaper

Are you looking for that perfect half-time vst plugin? Cableguys Timeshaper VST Plugin will do just that and also include reverse, scratch, tape-stop, and multiband stutter effects.

If your a big fan of the gross beat which comes with FL Studio, Cableguys Timeshaper will bring a different game to your music production.

Let’s just not forget that Cableguys released an update recently with “Timeshaper 2” which is even better news!

cableguys timeshaper shapers


Does timeshaper have half-time?

Yes, timeshaper and timeshaper2 both have a built-in half-time effect. If you’re looking for advance half-time vst plugins we suggest half-time by cableguys.




Cableguys Quality

TimeShaper 2 uses only the highest-quality DSP, as do all other Cableguys plugins, for a seriously fine and professional sound that all professionals can rely on. Cablguys Smooth Step Mode is a gift from the gods because it eliminates the clicks, noise, and crackles that can be a problem with other time-jumping or related vst plugins.


LFOs that you design

The drawable LFO in TimeShaper 2 regulates the location of a virtual playhead.
With Cableguys’ simple waveform-editing software, you can build any wave shape you can imagine, from catchy rhythmic repeats to crazy pitch-bending transformations.


Free download of timeshaper (timeshaper 2) by cableguys

You can download both mac or windows versions of timeshaper from cableguys.

Download Timeshaper VST Plugin