Free 808 Bass VST Plugin

808 Bass VST Plugin
808 bass vst plugin

If you are a music producer looking for some decent free 808 Bass, then this 808 Bass VST plugin is all you will ever need!

Your beats will have some crazy 808 Bass ROMpler, which comes with 15 ready-to-use free presets.

This VST plugin is free to download and is simply amazing.

Designed by the electroniksoundlab, it has been developed to support both Windows & macOS and also comes in VST/VST3.

808 VST Plugin
808 VST Plugin

808 Bass Module 4 Features

  • Comes with ADSR (attack, decay, Sustain, and Release) function modules
  • Comes with 15 built-in presets
  • LFO modulation features
  • Cut-off, Glide Time and Distortion control features and modulations
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Low CPU Usage

This free 808 Bass VST is free to use and has no limits. However, there is a paid 808 VST Bass version that has 318 Presets. Get it here.

Designed for most genres, this 808 plugin will work on most beats productions, ranging from Trap beats to Hip-Hop beats, it can also be used on dance, EDM, and all other genres possible.

Some deep punchy 808 basses produced by this amazing VST plugin, definitely one of the top 808’s you will ever need.

Most music producers are used to using 808’s wav samples files, but this VST plugin brings a whole new game to the table!

808 Presets

This 808 comes with 15 Free built-in presets which are shown below, check the image.

808 presets
808 presets

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If you wish to check for the latest version go to electroniksoundlab