SDX Snare Drum Sound Free VST Plugin Synth

SDX Snare Drum Sound
SDX Snare Drum Sound

Free to Download SDX Snare Drum Sound effect with Free VST Plugin Synth, free to download SDX Snare Drum. Free for Windows.

SDX Snare Drum is free to download and will provide some amazing snare sound outputs.

SDX Snare Drum Synth
SDX Snare Drum Synth

If you’re looking for a decent Snare Drum Synthesizer then be sure that the SDX will; definitely bring that wholesome punch to the beats when it comes to an enhanced and great-sounding snare!

Main Features

  • Trigger Typing Keyboard Mode
  • 2 Oscillator modulators for Pitch, Tone, and for Decay
  • Midi CC input support modulation
  • Automation support settings modulation

SDX Snare Drum Sound is defenilty worth adding to your music production plugins, a VST that you won’t sit on and definitely create some enhanced snare sounds.

SDX Snare Drum requires a manual installation on windows, see more info here.


SDX Snare Drum VST Plugin (Windows) 1.49 MB 122 downloads



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