TrapDrive VST Plugin is Free to Download – By Diginoiz/AudioPlugin

TrapDrive VST Plugin is Free to Download
TrapDrive VST Plugin is Free to Download

TrapDrive by Diginoiz has been released on a free download for a limited time.

TRAPDRIVE is a new distortion VST plugin that has been aimed to add punch into your kicks, snares, and hi-hats when mixing and mastering your hip-hop/trap drum loops.

This VST plugin would also sound awesome with electric guitars, melody loops and could be used on any instrument possible.

Moving the knobs will give different sound outputs

  • Input
  • 8 Different Type effects
  • Amount (power)
  • Output


  1. Add to cart on AudioPlugins (free download)
  2. Complete the check out as the plugin will say 0 in price (this means free download)
  3. You will receive a Token voucher in your email (check your email you entered)
  4. Redeem you download using token in your email, (full-name, token, email required)


Here is a quick review & demo

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