PhaseBass Free Synth Bass is Free Bass VST Plugin

bass synth phase bass
bass synth phase bass

If your looking for a decent free Bass VST plugin, then be sure that this PhaseBass Free synth VST plugin is definitely a sub-type and strong punchy bass VST synth plugin.

PhaseBass is a Free synth bass that works great on windows workstations!

Let’s check out this absolutely hot and free-to-download Phasebass below;

phasebass VST plugin
phase bass VST plugin

Main Features of this Bass Generator Sound VST?

  • Comes with Attack modulators such as Levels, Decay, and Velocity
  • Body Tone modulation
  • Body Velocity settings
  • Full ADSR settings modulation controls
  • Master Volume and master velocity modulation controls

The best part is that this VST plugin designed to emulate a strong BASS type of sound output is totally free to download

It’s a real shame this VST plugin has only been designed to support the Windows system! Would be great to see a Linux or macOS extended version! check our more plugins from Rock Hardburns

If you enjoy this Bass Synth make sure to check out our website regularly as we will update Producersbuzz with more Bass Synth and Bass VST plugins in the near future!

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Phase Bass Synth VST Plugin 0.1 MB 57 downloads



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