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100+ Free Drum Samples & Sound Packs (Top Collection)

If you are looking for some decent Free Drum Samples and sound packs then check out the sound packs on this page, we have some amazing drum samples and drum kits for your DAWs.

Here we have made a list of our 100 best and top drum samples and Sound Packs on ProducersBuzz, designed for Modern Producers. So if you are a music producer looking to make some banging modern beats, be assured that this collection of our 100 Best Drum Samples (Sound Packs) will leave you speechless!

This collection of sound packs (drum samples) can be used for most modern genres such as Hip-Hop, Urban, Trap, Dance, 808, Pop, Rock, EDM, House, Electro House, and so many other genres.

Top 100 drum samples (sound packs)
Top 100 drum samples (sound packs)

We have a huge collection of amazing sound packs that you can download and use for your music production needs, of course, all our sound packs and drum samples have been submitted and uploaded by our users with the intention of all drum samples and drum loops being royalty-free. Check more info on license and copyright here

This page will automatically update the sorting order of all top drum samples and sound packs starting from the top being the most viewed and downloaded packs on Producersbuzz.

All Drum Samples & Sound Packs on this ProducersBuzz list have been downloaded and individually tested. This means that all drum samples and sound packs will work without any issues.

All drum samples (Sound packs) on this page will work with most major DAW (digital audio workstations). Such as FL Studio, Cubase, Reason, Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, Apple Garage Band, and the list simply just goes on.
Check them out below, starting with the latest first.

Top 2 Most Wanted Drum Sample Sound Packs on ProducersBuzz

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We hope you guys have enjoyed checking out our top 100 drum samples and sound packs available for free download to all music producers.

We also recommend that you carefully read all copyright terms and conditions by the developers of each individual Sound Pack and Drum Samples, just to be sure of the terms and conditions they may come with.

If you wish to add any of your personal drum samples or sound packs then please visit this page.

If you enjoyed our huge collection of drum samples and sound packs on producersbuzz, then check out some of our other gold collections below.

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