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50 Cool Free VST Plugins in 2023 VST/AU (Free Downloads)

Are you looking for the top FREE Synths? With loads of great free Synth presets? Then look no further we got you!

Are you a modern music producer looking for some hot 50 Cool Free VST Plugins? Then look no further we got you!

Below we have outlined 50 cool VST plugins that all music producers should check out and download.

All these VBSt plugins are free and well worth downloading and adding to your music production archive library, definitely plugins no music producer will sit on.

  1. Spicy Guitar Download Free Guitar VST Plugin – Free Guitar VST
  2. MAutoPitch Free Pitch Correction VST Plugin – Free Autotune Alternative
  3. Steinberg Model E – Free Bass Synth – Free Bass VST Plugin
  4. Panagement 2 – Free Reverb Effect VST Plugin
  5. Sitala – Free Midi Drum Pad VST
  6. iZotope Vinyl – Best Lo-fi VST Effect
  7. Finisher Micro – Top Free SFX VST, for finalizing effects atmosphere
  8. MCompressor – Free Compression VST
  9. iZotope Vocal Doubler Free VST Plugin For Vocals
  10. Revalver 4 – Free VST/AU Plugin Download – Free AMP VST
  11. Surge Synthesizer Plugin – Free VST Synth Plugin Download – FREE Synth
  12. Modern De-Esser VST Plugin Free Download – Free Vocal De-esser VST
  13. VCV Rack VST Free Download – Free Synth VST
  14. Pendulate VST Plugin Free Synth with 136 Presets
  15. Vital VST – Free Synth VST with 75 Free Synth Presets – Free Synth VST
  16. Tyrell N6 – Free Synth VST Plugin with 580 Free Presets – Free Synth
  17. Zebralette | Free VST Synth with 300 Free Presets – Free Synth
  18. Dexed VST Synth with 32 Free Factory Presets – Free VST Synth
  19. OBXD Free Synth VST with 128 Free Presets – Free VST Synth
  20. Free Tal Noisemaker VST with 256 Presets – Free Synth
  21. Odin 2 Free VST Synth with 100+ Presets & Patches – Free VST synth
  22. Helm VST Free Synth Plugin With 275 Helm VST Presets – Free Synth
  23. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer with 228 Free Presets – Free Synth
  24. Sonicbits Exakt Lite Free Synth VST with 32 Free VST Presets – Free Synth
  25. Ample Bass Guitar VST Plugin (P Lite II) – Free Bass Guitar VST
  26. Piano One – Best Free Piano VST Plugin with 16 Presets – Free Piano VST
  27. Spitfire Soft Piano – Piano VST Plugin
  28. Room Piano VST Plugin – Free Piano VST
  29. Atmos Piano VST Plugin – Free Piano VST
  30. Awesome Piano VST Plugin for Windows & macOS – Free Piano VST
  31. Creepy Piano VST Plugin with 22 Different Piano Presets – Free Piano VST
  32. Trap E. Piano – Free Piano VST Plugin
  33. Piano-S Free VST Plugin (Yamaha C5 Grand Piano VST)
  34. Grand Piano XXL VST Plugin – Free Piano VST
  35. Sweetcase Electric Piano VST Plugin – Free Piano VST
  36. Lofi Piano VST Plugin – Free Piano VST
  37. Free Piano 2 VST Plugin by RDGAudio – Free Piano VST
  38. Pastel Reverb VST Plugin (Windows & macOS) – Free Piano
  39. SIM-PF Free Synthesiser Piano VST Plugin (9 Piano Presets) – Free Piano
  40. Free 808 Bass VST Plugin – Free Piano
  41. VSCO2 Piano VST Plugin (Orchestra Piano VST) – Free Piano VST
  42. FORT3 Grand Piano VST Download – Free Piano VST
  43. GTG EP 2008 Electric Piano VST Plugin – Free Electric Piano
  44. EVM Grand Piano Free Acoustic Piano VST Plugin – Free Grand Piano
  45. The Grand Piano VST Plugin by DSK – ADSR & Reverb FX Piano
  46. T30-GP Sampled Grand Piano VST Plugin – Free Piano VST
  47. RevO Reverb VST Plugin by Analog Obsession – Free Reverb Plugin
  48. Lazysnake Electric Piano VST Plugin – Piano VST
  49. Saloon Western Style Piano VST Plugin – Free Piano
  50. EP-78 Electric Piano VST Plugin with 32 Presets

We hope that you guys enjoy all of these awesome cool free VST plugins that will work on macOS and Windows, and some will work on Linux too. Check each download individually to see which system the plugin supports if you require further information.

Also if you enjoy our free VST download plugins archive, make sure to check out some of our other cool freebies below;

PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz - (Pavel Horvath)
PAV Beatz (Birth name of Pavel Horvath) is a music producer from London and also the main author here at ProducersBuzz. PAV has worked with many talented signed and unsigned musical artists. Teaching music producing since 2012


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